Quick Guide to the Delta Variant

The continuous emergence of new Covid variants has everyone on edge due to the possibility of a more deadly version of the virus. Sadly, the trend will continue as long as the virus is allowed to spread, mutating to best benefit its own survival. It’s just what viruses do when they’re allowed to proliferate. Until Covid-19 is under control, the best we can do is to stay informed and follow the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control. Consider this quick guide to the Delta variant as your first step.

Quick Guide to the Delta Variant

Where it Began

The Delta variant was first detected in India, around December of 2020. The mutation was brand new, and it had disastrous consequences for the subcontinent. Hospitals were over-run, and people struggled to receive medical care. The highly transmissible nature of the Delta variant coupled with India’s incredibly dense urban populations created the perfect conditions for a completely uncontrollable outbreak. By April, the Delta variant had spread to the UK. By May, the first case in the United States identified in north Texas had arrived.

The Predominant Variant

Despite only being in the United States for a few months, the Delta variant has become the dominant form of Covid-19. It is currently estimated to be responsible for 99% of all cases in the United States. This is likely a result of the virus’ superior ability to spread. Researchers found that the Delta variant spreads 50% more easily than the Alpha variant, which spreads 50% more easily than the original virus.

Children Are More Likely to Be Affected

The original Covid-19 held very little concern for children in comparison to the elderly. Unfortunately, the Delta variant does seem to cause more trouble for children than its predecessor. They are more likely to be infected by the Delta variant than the original strain, but the severity seems to be about the same so far. Unfortunately, the simple increase of pediatric cases could result in a larger number of total poor health outcomes for infected children, so it is always best to be vigilant with your child’s health.

Vaccines Are Working

There is always a level of concern that a new variant will be resistant to the antibodies developed through vaccination. Fortunately, that is not yet the case. As of now, the vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are holding up to the Delta variant. Depending on the state, unvaccinated people account for 95-99% of all Covid cases requiring hospitalization.

Safety Protocols Work

There has been some confusion over Covid protocols during the past year and a half. This has resulted in a loss of confidence for some people. Unfortunately, with the emergence of an entirely new virus, it can be difficult to create working protocols that will meet the needs of the population. The good news is that we know a lot more about Covid-19 than we did a year ago. As a result, we have clear-cut guidelines that will be adjusted as new variants or new outbreaks emerge. These guidelines do work, and they are there to protect you and the people around you. If they didn’t work, you wouldn’t see a version of them in practically every country.

Beating Covid for Good

Is your personal goal to say farewell to Covid? Then:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a mask where appropriate
  • Get vaccinated
  • Get tested whenever you travel or have a possible exposure

Covid testing for traveling abroad is one of the easiest ways you can limit the spread of Covid and reduce the virus’ opportunities to mutate. If you’re serious about ending the pandemic, then visit Path MD Covid testing in Los Angeles prior to traveling or after a possible exposure to catch a potential infection before you spread it to others.