Safety Tips for Returning to School

As vaccination numbers rise and serious cases of Covid-19 decrease, we can expect the Center for Disease Control to continue amending their recommendations in response. It will remain important to follow their safety tips for returning to school.

Re-opening schools is a major part of our transition towards finding something resembling normal. Of course, it is vital that we make that transition carefully to ensure the health of the children, the staff, and their families.

Safety Tips for Returning to School

With this all in mind, here are some of the top safety tips for returning to school.

Wear A Mask

Unless your child has a documented medical history that prevents them from wearing a mask, they should wear a mask whenever possible. In combination with social distancing, wearing a mask is one of the easiest ways to protect your child from catching or spreading the virus. Severe cases in children may be rare, but they could easily bring the virus home to family members who are at risk.

Pack A Back-Up Mask

An effective mask has to be clean and dry. Obviously, young children are rarely both of those things at the same time. That is why it is a good idea to pack a backup mask to get them through life’s little misadventures.

The backup mask should be stored in a reusable, sealed bag. There are sturdy, washable bags available through most major retailers that are ideal for this purpose. For good measure, provide a second reusable bag, so your child can safely store their mask while they eat. Any bag containing a used mask should be washed with soap and warm water once your child comes home from school.

Practice Hand Washing

Far too many of us are lax about hand washing. This is the perfect time to teach your child what they need to know about this important hygiene habit. Remember that your child needs to be washing their hands for at least sixty seconds. Singing the Happy Birthday song with them is a good way to help them judge how long they should scrub away. In addition to setting a time limit for ideal hand washing, make sure they know how to wash between their fingers and over the backs of their hands.

Disinfect Daily

Kids get into everything, so it’s really important to disinfect their belongings when they get home. It’s a bit time-consuming, but Covid-19 has a relatively long lifespan on most surfaces. You don’t want to put your family or your neighbors at risk, so taking this step is important. To remind yourself, keep a bottle of disinfectant spray and some wipes near the door where your child takes off their backpack.

Test Preemptively

Covid testing for schools is a vital part of keeping the virus’ spread in check. If your child is showing any symptoms at all, then your first priority should be to have your child tested. We realize that Covid testing may seem like one more thing on your plate, but Los Angeles Covid testing is easy and convenient. Testing your child and your family at the earliest sign of infection is what is going to allow us to contain the spread of the virus at schools, and keep everyone safe.

If you want your child to interact safely with other people and return to something resembling normal life, then it is important to take these safety tips seriously. Additionally, keep yourself informed on the latest information available through the Center for Disease Control and your local government. Their data and prescribed measures will help you to keep your family safe during this confusing time.