Why COVID Testing Is Still Important Before Travel

Everyone is sick of COVID. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to make the pandemic disappear. Vaccines have helped to make it somewhat safer for people to travel and engage in social events, but they aren’t full-proof. So let’s see why COVID testing is still important before travel.

Why COVID Testing Is Still Important Before Travel

There are still millions of high-risk people who need the rest of us to take common-sense precautions to help protect their health and well-being. Taking these precautions is especially important while traveling due to the fact that traveling often involves a large number of people in an enclosed space and enables the potential spread of different variants over vast geographic distances.

As a result, it is still highly recommended that everyone is COVID tested prior to traveling. It is also advised that you wear a quality mask and follow strict handwashing procedures, especially if you are going to be using any kind of mass transit, including planes, trains, etc.

What’s At Risk

The SARS-COVID virus that is responsible for our current pandemic is unpredictable with the potential for lasting effects. While mortality rates related to COVID fluctuate, evidence suggests that even relatively mild cases could affect your health years down the line.

Cases of long COVID have been associated with the development of cardiac conditions, neurological conditions, and diabetes among other changes to multiple organ systems. While the research is still ongoing, the truth is that we don’t fully understand how COVID affects our bodies long-term or what the final health outcomes will look like.

With that knowledge, it’s hard to ignore the serious nature of this virus and the harm it could cause to you, your loved ones, and even total strangers. When it comes to making the decision to seek out COVID testing for travel, you are making a conscious effort to prevent those negative health outcomes from affecting someone else.

Is It Actually Effective?

While an at-home test is better than nothing, you should definitely consider same day COVID testing in Los Angeles for the most accurate results. With Path MD you can access PCR tests, which are much more effective at preventing the spread of infection due to their accuracy.

Unfortunately, the rapid tests you might take at home are more likely to miss a recent infection, especially if you don’t already have symptoms. With a PCR test at an official testing site, you can feel comfortable knowing that high-accuracy testing can, in fact, reduce the risk of spreading the virus to other people.

To put it simply, you’re one less person spreading pathogens to others, and that can go a long way towards keeping other people safe.

What To Do If You Test Positive?

A positive COVID test can be a pain if you’re planning to travel, but what you decide to do as a result is a question of putting the health and well-being of others ahead of your immediate needs. The good news is that most travel-oriented businesses are willing to refund the cost of your travel or provide you with a voucher as long as you give them proof of your positive COVID test.

Despite the changes we’ve seen in regulations, travel-oriented companies do not actively want to encourage people to travel while they’re sick due to the inherent risk. Making this case to your airline and hotel should be fairly easy.

If your travel is tied to a time-sensitive engagement, then things may be slightly more complicated. Keep in mind that even asymptomatic COVID can be spread to others, and your staying away is a matter of safety for everyone else involved. Keeping a record of your COVID tests can help to smooth out any issues that do arise.