Why You Should NOT Travel with Fake COVID Tests

Using fake COVID tests to travel is extremely unethical. By choosing to purposefully circumvent safety regulations, you are risking the health of everyone near you. What’s more, a fake COVID test could actually get you arrested, especially if you’re traveling internationally.

Why You Should NOT Travel with Fake COVID Tests

Using a fake COVID test result is a form of fraud that many national governments take very seriously. The use of a fake test result constitutes a threat to their nation’s public safety, and there are legal consequences for this kind of fraud in many countries.

Despite the severity of the punishments often associated with public health fraud, efforts to circumvent COVID safety regulations continue to be an ongoing issue. If you are considering using a fake test result, we have put together just a few reasons why you should think twice about that decision.

Real Tests Are Not Costly

Initially PCR testing was rather costly in the United States and elsewhere, but that is no longer the case. Part of the global pandemic response was providing free testing and low cost to everyone as a way of controlling the spread of the virus.

In the United States, Path MD Labs continues to offer COVID-19 same day testing in Los Angeles to help you ensure you’re traveling safely without the additional cost of a PCR test. All you have to do is call and make an appointment.

Traveling with COVID Could Be Dangerous for You

If your reason for getting a fake test result is due to knowing you’re COVID positive, here’s something to think about.

Having COVID a long way from home can be exceedingly dangerous. While many people do have mild to moderate symptoms, some will have serious respiratory complications.

Are you traveling in a foreign country or another state? Then you may not have the immediate access to medical attention that you require. At the very least, if you are traveling abroad you should make sure that you have travel medical insurance as well as a passing knowledge of the local healthcare system.

Traveling with COVID Is Dangerous for Others

People susceptible to COVID trust everyone around them to keep them safe. Someone who is pregnant or has diabetes may choose to fly because they believe that everyone else on the plane has to test negative for COVID first.

If these vulnerable people were aware that you might use a fake test result, then they may have never gotten on a plane in the first place. When you cheat the system, you are breaking the trust of all those people and putting their lives at risk.

The Reward Is Not Worth the Risk

Assuming none of these factors concern you, there is one more thing you should seriously consider before using a fake test result. You may get away with it, but there is an equal chance that you won’t.

Several people in France and England have been arrested for selling fake COVID results over the past year. Of course, their intention makes the crime more serious. But that does not mean that a single individual will not face legal consequences.

To use the UK as an example, the maximum sentence for fraud by false representation (aka using a fake COVID test result) is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Spending ten years in a British jail just isn’t worth making that one flight.

Making the Right Decision

Choosing a legitimate form of COVID testing isn’t just a moral decision. It’s one of self-preservation. Fortunately, COVID testing for travel in Los Angeles is easily available. There’s simply no reason to break the law.