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PathMD is the preferred FREE COVID-19 testing lab for many schools in Southern CA

  • PathMD accepts ALL insurances; therefore out of pocket expenses are minimized for faculty and for students
  • Fast and Accurate Testing
  • Able to provide testing at school or at PathMD drive-through location
  • Special pricing for Schoools and VIP Services provided to schools

For schools

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For schools

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For schools

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For schools

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Mobile COVID Testing for Schools and Children

The interruptions to schooling and education from COVID have been substantial. Countless parents shouldered the burden of having their children learn from home, putting immense strain on their daily lives. Now, many schooling systems are developing plans for children to return to in-person education. But doing so won’t be easy. With PathMD’s mobile COVID testing for schools and children, you can keep your family safe and your kids in school.

Mobile Testing. Maximum Safety.

For children to return to school, we all will need to do our part. With safety as our top priority, testing is going to be central to allowing education to operate while keeping families safe.

For Schools

By providing testing for students at your school, you can ensure the safety of everyone involved. From children to teachers and parents, we want to deliver a safe educational experience. By using PathMD’s on-site mobile testing, you can conveniently receive accurate Covid testing and get results quickly for both the students and staff of your school.

For Parents

Timely testing is key to developing a response. With our mobile testing, you and your children can receive Covid testing, providing you with information to safely send your child back to school.

Should I Provide My Students or Children With COVID Testing?

With rapid on-site COVID testing, you can minimize the risk of spread within a school. PathMD provides rapid results with precision accuracy, allowing you to respond to any suspected cases or exposure risks. Having this resource at your disposal will allow students to return to school with higher safety rates and less risk of spreader events.

By having testing available, you can develop a more complete plan for returning to school. And it allows for timely response to any suspected cases.

All Your Results In One Place

A portal or EMR interface for report delivery is provided to have all your test results in one place. Dealing with individual results from multiple sources is far from optimal, especially with many schools having hundreds to thousands of students. With so many individuals, it can make it challenging to provide safe education. PathMD provides the benefit of having all your results in one place for easy access and databasing. So your school can recognize any risks quickly and respond accordingly.

Having convenient access to information is essential for building a plan for returning to school. With all your students’ results in one place, you can adapt quickly and effectively. With so much uncertainty and change almost daily, we aim to provide a measure of concrete convenience. We don’t want hassle and logistics to take away from safety and quality of education.

What Kind of COVID Testing Do We Offer?

We offer two kinds of testing for schools and children, each proven to be highly accurate and reliable.

  • Hologic APTIMA test, which has a sensitivity rate of 98.2% and a specificity of 100%.
  • RT-PCR method, which provides a sensitivity rate of 95% and a specificity of 100%.

We accept a variety of swab collection kits, including:

  • The Puritan UniTranz (UTM)
  • The Copan E-swab (liquid amies solution)
  • APTIMA multi-test swab


PPO, HMO, Medicare, Medi-cal, and Kaiser Permanente are all accepted.

PathMD has proven its dedication to providing the highest level of pathology services to our patients for over a decade. We bring this same level of expertise and care to every COVID-19 test. In an uncertain time, uncertain
or delayed results are the last things you need. That is why we ensure every test is performed for
maximum accuracy and speed without compromising quality.

How Soon Will We Receive Results?

Having your students go out for individual tests can take days to weeks before you have complete results. By that time, the results lose their meaning, as infection could have made its way through your school. Dozens of families could already be affected. You might even need to end up closing your school facility again, ruining careful months of planning. With PathMD, your students or children will get their results within 24-48 hours of testing.

You receive complete results for every single student or child tested. With this information, you can adapt and adjust to keep your school safe and open. By utilizing multiple testing collection methods, we avoid delays and deliver results quickly.

Fast, Reliable COVID Testing for a Path Forward

Quick and reliable testing is going to be essential for keeping in-person education available in the coming months. Not only will you maximize the safety of students and their families, but you minimize the chances of school closure due to infection. Having a safe educational environment will be critical in the coming months. Testing is a crucial part of any plan that can make this happen.

What Should I Do If a Student or Child Tests Positive?

The response for each school can vary, so long as safety precautions are taken. We recommend following the CDC’s official guidelines for schools during the pandemic.

Basic steps include:

  • Social distancing in and out of classrooms
  • All students and staff wearing masks
  • Regular and thorough disinfecting of all surfaces
  • Quarantine (follow your school’s and CDC’s guidelines for the proper amount of time to quarantine)

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Regardless of your district or region, testing will be a core part of opening schools safely. By providing students and children with mobile testing, you can allow education to continue in an environment with minimized risk. With convenient, on-site mobile testing, PathMD is here for you to help your school open safely for everyone.


We offer preferential school pricing. We already have contracts with hundreds of schools in the Southern California area. The best part is we also take insurance so the fee is minimal. Call us today to discuss our school pricine!