Gastroenterology services offered in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Digestive system diseases affect 20 million Americans today. Path MD Labs provides gastroenterology testing and diagnostic services for medical practices in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California, providing accurate information quickly so you can determine the right treatment path. The experienced team, including pathologists, offers extensive testing services for GI pathology, including highly complex and hard-to-diagnose cases. Call the office to learn more.

Gastroenterology Services

What can I expect from gastroenterology testing?

PathMD’s team of pathology professionals provides the client with the highest level of medical expertise, personal service and diagnostic quality available in the nation.

In addition to endoscopic biopsy interpretation, our pathologists are experts in resections from all gastrointestinal sites.  Liver and pancreatic pathology interpretations are included.

What services does gastroenterology testing include?

At Path MD Labs, services include the following:

  • Consultation services for problematic and unusual cases
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Molecular studies for GI malignancies 
  • Rapid diagnosis of biopsy specimens
  • Full GI cytology services, including HPV and infectious disease testing on Anal/Rectal specimens
  • Clinical and Ancillary stool testing including the GI Pathogen Panel, C.diff, H. Pylori antigen, Pancreatic Elastase, and Fecal Calprotectin.

The team of highly skilled pathologists also provides consultation services for problematic and unusual cases.

Call the West Hollywood office to learn more, or click on the provided online feature to request your gastroenterology testing and diagnostic services today.