COVID Testing


COVID Testing services offered in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

COVID testing should be convenient, not a hassle. At Path MD Labs, the experienced medical pathologists work as a team to offer drive-up and mobile COVID testing in the West Hollywood neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. When you need to know your COVID status fast, you can’t beat the convenience of testing at Path MD Labs, so why wait?  Click the online scheduler to book your appointment now.

COVID Testing Q&A

When should I get COVID testing?

If you have symptoms of COVID, you need testing immediately. You may also consider COVID testing for the following reasons:

  • Signs of a COVID infection
  • Concerns about exposure to COVID
  • Upcoming event, such as a family gathering or wedding
  • Co-worker or employee tests positive for COVID or has symptoms
  • Upcoming travels or you’ve recently traveled

Common symptoms may include fever, runny nose, chills, cough, fatigue, loss of sense of smell or taste, and diarrhea. 

The sooner you know your COVID status, the sooner you can get the care you need and get back to your life, so Path MD Labs recommends coming in for a test if you have any of these symptoms. 

What types of COVID testing are available?

Path MD Labs offers two kinds of COVID testing. First, the Hologic® Aptima® test has a sensitivity rate of 98.2% and a specificity of 100%. The second is the RT-PCR method, which provides a sensitivity rate of 99% and a specificity of 100%.

The team understands that waiting for a test result can be stressful. Their laboratory works quickly without sacrificing quality. You typically receive your results in less than 24 hours.

The team promptly sends you your COVID testing results. If your result is positive, you may also be notified by phone.  You receive your COVID results via text and email along with access to a pdf of your result.

Can I get COVID testing from home or work?

Yes. The mobile COVID testing program at Path MD Labs allows you to get tested wherever you are, home or office. 

A trained professional comes to you and performs testing conveniently on your schedule. Along with the convenience, this testing method means you don’t have to expose yourself or others to infection. 

Do I need COVID testing before a flight?

From the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle, PathMD offers same-day COVID-19 PCR Testing at our Beverly Blvd location. When you pull into our testing lot located through the rear alley, you will be greeted by our COVID Collection staff who will guide you through each step of the process. Once the swab has been successfully collected, our trained staff will review and confirm all necessary details provided when booking your appointment. After, you will be on your way while receiving results within 12-24 hours via text/email.

Do you think you may need COVID testing? Path MD Labs can take care of your COVID testing needs in a matter of minutes, so don’t delay a moment longer. Click the online scheduler to book your on-site, mobile, or drive-through COVID testing.